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Technical Monitoring

 independent technical monitoring - Ensuring compliance

Technical monitoring of installations is becoming more important within the industry and, with further future developments in associated regulations, ensuring compliance is essential.

On-site technical monitoring is not just about having a black and white list of acceptable methods and details; with existing properties you are dealing with inconsistencies in the substrate, detailing, and landscapes, whereby generic installation and specification methods may not be suitable. It is important to have an in-depth knowledge of the practicality of the systems installed so that any deviations from the original documentation can be verified as acceptable to the performance criteria required.

EWI Consultants Limited

Assessment Methods

Our technical monitoring service will provide a report of the installation, either in our own format  or your company's desired format. Onsite weather and humidity details will be taken and recorded. As part of the service we can also take intermediate thermal images to give guidance on the unseen installation and whether there appears to be any potential for thermal bypass.

Technical monitoring is available for both new build and refurbishment schemes. A full program of monitoring can be arranged where there is a need for a weekly or bi-weekly visit to the site. Alternatively there is the possibility to use the service as a periodic or a one-off drop-in service.