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Site Investigation

 Site Investigation - A Problem Solved

In the unfortunate situation where there may be a problem with a building that has been insulated or rendered, a swift and expert review of the property is required. Identifying the cause of a problem is not always obvious, as the visual issues may only be a consequence of the actual problem. This can often be seen with defective seals and detailing which can lead to moisture ingress which appear at different points in the building.

EWI Consultants Limited will provide a full onsite investigation of the property (including damp meter readings and thermal imaging) to track where issues are originating from. This, plus the experience of monitoring and investigating over 5,000 properties within the UK, will ensure that you get  the best possible independent advice on the problem, in addition to any potential remedial action required.

EWI Consultants Limited


In solving a problem, there may be many and various processes undertaken. Initially, where possible we would always try and make sure that these are non intrusive methods. However, it may be necessary to take an intrusive approach in core testing and inspecting to ascertain the cause of the problem.

Investigate the PROBLEM                            

                        Identify the CAUSE                             

                                           Produce a SOLUTION

"The site report was very insightful, detailed and will contribute to our discussions with our contractor."
- Borough Council -